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Our top rated electric heating company for your requirements is Sunflow.

Sunflow believe that everyone has the right to a warm comfortable home, which is why they created a top quality, fail safe, zero maintenance heating system.

Their patented solid state heating systems truly are the 21st century heating solution. And they’re so convinced, they even guarantee it with four unique offers (see below).

We have passed your details onto the Sunflow Heating team. They will soon be giving you a quick call to discuss your heating project.

Look out for their number: 01793 854371



Better Off Guarantee

Sunflow have replaced over 10,000 Night Storage Heaters with Sunflow heating systems.

If your Sunflow heating system does not leave you better off than night storage heaters Sunflow will remove it and refund you.

Always Warm Guarantee

In the highly unlikely event that your whole Sunflow heating system fails and you are left without any heating in your home, Sunflow will pay you £1,000.

15 Year Guarantee

Sunflow heating systems are solid state and last for years and years.

They give a 15 year warranty on all our heaters and three year warranty on all controls.

First Winter Guarantee

Sunflow take care to ensure they specify the correct heating for your home.

If your Sunflow Heating System does not keep you warm through your first winter they will refund you.



Why Choose Sunflow?

Sunflow believe everyone has the right to a warm comfortable home, which is why they created a top quality, fail safe, zero maintenance heating system.


Sunflow heating systems have no single point of failure, so you will never have a totally cold home.


Fossil fuels have had their day and tax rises on gas are coming. Sunflow heating systems are kinder to the planet.


Unlike traditional systems, Sunflow heating systems are maintenance free.


Forget yearly boiler services
or costly breakdown call outs, Sunflow heating systems mean less hassle & more spare change.

Are night storage heaters all that bad?

The economy 7 tariff comes with a cheap overnight tariff for seven hours, but when it comes to the daytime tariff, this is more expensive than the typical 24 hour tariff. That means that for everything you do in the 17 hours that are not economy rate, you will be overpaying.

In fact you need to shift 40% of your energy consumption to the seven hour cheap rate to get a benefit. If you’re hellbent on getting your money’s worth you could do the washing up at midnight – but we can think of better things to do!

Storing heat and then releasing it when you need it is actually very difficult to do. The laws of physics say that the energy will gradually move from the hot object to the cold object. Therefore if you put electricity into the heaters and then don’t need it because the day is naturally warm, the heat still comes out and the energy is wasted.

Feeling cold in your own home is worse than feeling too warm. As a result it
is normal to ensure that the storage heater is on a high enough setting to keep you warm for as long as possible during the day.

But on the days you don’t need it, you’ve still paid for all that energy. Sunflow heating systems give you heat when you need it, and save the energy when you don’t. It’s as simple as that.

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Happy Sunflow Customers

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I Oshun
I Oshun
Sunflow Ltd Customer
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Really love my new radiators, they give off some good heat and I am looking forward to a warm winter this year. The fitting team were great and explained how everything worked. Glad I went with Sunflow.
Sunflow Ltd Customer
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I wanted information as I liked Sunflow heaters spoke with Jay who gave me all the information I required, what was great about this company was I told him I didn’t need someone to visit I knew what I wanted just gave 2 lots of simple measurements and he gave me a price in minutes, I have now had my heaters fitted and they are exactly what I wanted look really super modern quality is A1 . and the 2 men that came and done the fitting were a credit to the company not rushing and explained as many times as I needed and worked very cleanly not a spec of dust, just done a test today and they work superb.
Sunflow Ltd Customer
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We are absolutely delighted with our new Sunflow electric radiators, which were installed at the start of February this year. We can’t believe the difference they have made to our quality of life and comfort over the last two months. From start to finish, this was a hassle free process and Sunflow were true to their word. We are always wary of big, national companies, but Sunflow has restored our faith. Highly recommended.

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