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View our editor's top electric heaters in the table below, with a side-by-side comparison of features.

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How Our Scores are Calculated

Our scores shown in the table above (represented by star ratings) are calculated using a bespoke algorithm based on the features built into each heating system.
More weight (and therefore a higher score) is given to the manufacturers that offer heat guarantees and lengthy warranty periods.


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The Climastar Harmony heating range is the 2021 Top Rated Heating system, based on the opinions of our editorial team. We have analysed and compared almost every electric heater on the UK market. The intelligent and exclusive features offered by Climastar make it our top rated heater.

Some of the features include the most accurate thermostat in the industry, which will save you money on your energy bills whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. Plus, intelligent features such as heating cruise control, geolocation technology, user friendly controls and the unique aesthetic look of the Climastar range all come together to make it the top rated heater from 

Find out more about the Climastar Harmony Range, or download a brochure now.