Climastar Heater Review takes a closer look at our top rated electric heating range from Climastar



The Most accurate thermostatic control system

For every 1 degree increase in temperature, your energy bill increases by up to 10%. HARMONY radiators offer the most accurate temperature control in the industry, providing the best thermal stability and avoiding heat fluctuations.

Harmony thermostats have a precision of ± 0.05 °C. This means that the HARMONY radiator will maintain a far more stable temperature in the room for a longer period of time. Consumption time periods will be reduced; therefore, less energy is used compared to the other types of heaters.


The Climastar Harmony heating range uses a Geolocator, so it knows when you are home and when you are out. Even if you leave home unexpectedly, it will turn your heating down, so you don’t waste energy. When it ‘sees’ you coming home, it switches your heating to a higher setting so you come back to a nice warm house.

Furthermore, you can even control your heating with voice activation by pairing it with apps such as Google and Alexa, the range can be fully integrated with smart home technology.

“Alexa, Turn the heating down by 1 degree”

Additionally, Climastar uses Open Window Technology in their products. For example, when a window or door is open, the heater will automatically go into standby mode. When the door or window is closed again, the heating system will come back to life and start to reheat the room. Thus you are not wasting heat.


What Is Heating Cruise Control? This Climastar feature is a system that automatically controls the amount of fuel you use in order to maintain your selected room temperature, so you stay warm whilst using less energy.

The Harmony heating system is an intelligent system that adapts and learns from your lifestyle as you use it. Every day it records the time it takes to achieve the selected temperature. Then, it will learn at what time to draw energy in order to deliver that temperature at the exact time required.

Essentially, the Heating Cruise Control system can access the correct amount of power required by the heater to maintain the set temperature in the room. Giving you superior control of your heating whilst reducing energy usage.


The Harmony heating system is an intelligent system that adapts and learns from your lifestyle as you use it.

At the core of the technology is the Magma Silicon Battery which stores heat. Hence it improves efficiency whilst reducing consumption. Twin Magma silicon batteries are key to keeping the room warm and comfortable whilst reducing energy consumption.

Climastar also offers exceptional guarantees.

For example, with Magma Core built into all products, you are guaranteed a lifetime Manufacturer Warranty. Your warranty is not dependent on an annual check up like a gas boiler. Furthermore, if the electric heating system fails to warm you and your home, Climastar will remove it and refund you the entire purchase.

EDITOR'S CHOICE: The Climastar Harmony Range is our top rated electric heating system


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